<p class="text-size-medium">PFL RI’s training and resources are designed to engage healthcare staff, allied health professionals, members of the public health workforce, and other workers. Prior knowledge or understanding of infection prevention and control strategies is not needed to participate in PFL RI activities.</p>

<div class="max-width-medium"><p>PFL RI uses innovative content delivery systems to equip adult learners with the understanding and confidence to apply infection prevention and control principles and protocols necessary to protect themselves, their facilities, their families, and their communities from infectious disease threats, including COVID-19.</p></div>

Your Resource for Infection Control

<div class="max-width-medium"><p>PFL RI is a part of CDC’s national collaborative of diverse healthcare and public health partners that aims to provide engaging, innovative, and effective infection prevention and control training for millions of frontline U.S. healthcare workers as well as members of the public health workforce.</p></div>

PFL RI offers live, in-person, or virtual training opportunities to support healthcare facilities in Rhode Island. Pre-recorded and self-directed learning opportunities are also available for individuals to review outside of formal training sessions. Continuing education credits are also available for many online courses!

Key Features

  • Empowering

    Core Training to address immediate workforce infection control training needs, delivered via short and accessible training videos.

    Practical Tools to support everyone working in a healthcare facility as they implement infection control protocols and procedures throughout their workday.

  • Immersive

    Partner Engagement to share information across all healthcare settings through trusted partners and channels, ensuring that training content and tools are delivered to healthcare workers who need them.

    Mentorship to connect infection control experts with their local healthcare community so that they may become an ongoing resource.

  • Lasting Results

    Public Health Technical Capacity Building to leverage the public health workforce to facilitate knowledge and tool sharing between public health departments and their local clinical communities.

    Innovation to deepen knowledge to better inform infection control recommendations. Project Firstline develops innovative content to provide infection control training to a diverse range of adult learners.

Project Firstline reaches healthcare workers in a variety of healthcare settings, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Outpatient Clinics
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Nursing Homes

Project Firstline training materials and educational activities help to empower healthcare workers in building their foundational knowledge of infection control.

Explore partnerships

If you are a local or national professional organization, a Rhode Island-based university, or a Rhode Island-based healthcare facility and are interested in exploring a partnership with Project Firstline Rhode Island, we'd love to hear from you!

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