About Project Firstline

Project Firstline is designed to provide education, training, and resources to healthcare staff, allied professionals, members of the public health workforce, and other workers. Our innovative content equips learners with the understanding and confidence to apply infection prevention and control principles and protocols necessary to protect Rhode Island workplaces and communities from infectious disease threats.

Who is PFL RI’s learning community?

Our learning community includes those in clinical and non-clinical roles who benefit from reinforced knowledge of infection prevention and control principles and protocols.

Who is your PFL RI Team?

The PFL RI Team is comprised of physicians, nurses, and public health professionals working together to improve the health of all Rhode Islanders. The PFL RI Team has years of experience with direct patient care, healthcare quality and improvement, as well as specialized training and experience in infection prevention and control.

The PFL RI Team collaborates with state and national subject matter experts to design, develop, and deliver infection prevention training and resources. The materials are focused to meet the diverse learning needs of Rhode Island healthcare workers.

Group of paramedics rolling patient on stretcher
Physical therapist working with patient
Physical Therapists
Social worker looking to another person
Social Workers
Physician using ipad to explain to patient
Environmental services staff member assessing space
Environmental Services Staff
Pharmacist standing in pharmacy
Healthcare administrator reviewing notes on clipboard
Healthcare Administrators
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Other Healthcare Professionals
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Training & Resources

We provide infection prevention and control (IPC) training and resources for workers from a wide range of education and training backgrounds.

Training & Resources

Video Series: Inside Infection Control

Project Firstline’s videos help you learn about infection control, how they help prevent COVID-19, and how you can take infection control measures in the workplace to protect yourself, your patients, your families, and our community.

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Social Media Content

Help others learn more about recognizing infection control risks and where germs live in healthcare using our downloadable social media content. Be sure to tag Project Firstline in your posts (@RI_Firstline on Twitter and @ProjectFirstlineRI on Facebook #WeAreFirstline #WeAreFirstlineRI).

Where Germs Live: Environment
Where Germs Live: Body
Infection Control Actions
Did you know? Germs Can live in Dirt
Did you Know? Germs Can Live in Water
Did you know? Germs Can Live on High-Touch Surfaces
Did you know? Germs Can Live on Dry surfaces
Did you know? Germs Can Live on Devices
Did you know? Germs Live on the Skin

Dig deeper with our full library of training materials and resources

training & Resources

Partnership Brings Greater Impact

If you are a local or national professional organization, a Rhode Island-based university, or a Rhode Island-based healthcare facility and are interested in exploring a partnership with Project Firstline Rhode Island, we'd love to hear from you!

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